Gift Certificate

Cisco Gift Certificate 

Gift certificates are available for purchase. You simply purchase them as you would any other product with the exception that you must purchase them separately from other items. The amount you may purchase ranges from $10.00 to $500.00. The gift certificates may be redeemed to purchase items from the online Logo Store or from the Cisco Campus store. Simply fill in the amount you wish to purchase, add the information requested, and add it to your shopping cart. Then follow the normal checkout process. An email will be sent to the recipient on the date you specify. If you wish to purchase more than one gift certificate, you may do so by adding additional gift certificates to your shopping cart before checking out. You may also order a higher quantity of a gift certificates; but, if you do, all notifications would go to the one recipient provided. It is recommended that you add each recipient individually.

If you require a bulk order of gift certificates or physical gift cards (25+), you have several options. You may enter each one separately.   You may enter the quantity of certificates you require (provided they are of the same value) and select yourself as the recipient. When you receive the email notification with the codes, you may manually email them to individual recipients. The third option would be to fill out a custom order form and allow our Customer Service team to assist you. If you would prefer to order gift cards to distribute, you will need to use the custom order form.

Redeem a Gift Card or Certificate On the SHOPPING CART page, you will be prompted to enter your gift certificate code. If you have a physical gift card, simply enter the gift card number. Once you enter the code and click "Apply," the amount on your certificate will be subtracted from your order total. You may then proceed to checkout. If by chance your gift certificate balance does not cover the full cost of your purchase, you may use the alternative payment methods available during checkout. If you do not use the full amount of your gift certificate, the balance will be recorded by the system and the funds will be available for future purchases. You may repeat this process for as many gift cards as you have. You may check the balance of your gift certificate or gift card on your Account page. Click on "Check your gift card balance" then enter the information requested. Your balance will display. If you have more than one gift certificate or gift card, simply enter each number separately.

Note: Due to the nature of gift certificates, you will need to purchase all gift certificates separately from other merchandise. You will not be able to check out with a gift certificate and other merchandise in your shopping cart. 
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